Patient Resources

  • Go Gluten–Free A brief introduction to the gluten-free diet, including gluten-containing foods, hidden sources of gluten, and tips on reading labels.
  • Blood Testing for Celiac Disease  An overview of blood screening tests for Celiac Disease. This brochure includes frequently asked questions about the role of blood screening in Celiac diagnosis.
  • Pocket Dictionary (View) (Order)  The Pocket Dictionary of Ingredients has been updated and released as the 3rd edition. This pocket-sized dictionary is an easy to carry complete resource to help you navigate the ingredient list of food products and quickly decide about their acceptability in the gluten-free diet. Nearly 400 foods and food ingredients and over 300 food additives are listed in alphabetical order. Food ingredients are classified in three straightforward categories: ALLOWED, NOT ALLOWED and CHECK?.

Counselling Tools for Dietitians

The dietitians on the CCA Professional Advisory Board have prepared a number of tools to help you provide guidance to patients diagnosed with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity or any condition treated with a gluten-free diet. The Patient handouts, available in English and French, were developed with the assistance of Dietitians of Canada, and are available from both organizations.

  • Nutrition Education A checklist of items that must be taught to all newly diagnosed celiac patients.
  • Nutritional Complications Potential nutrition complications to watch for in the celiac population and ways to prevent and/or treat such problems.