Starting the Conversation on Celiac-Friendly Dining

Thank you to Ellen Bayens of the CCA Victoria chapter and for permission to use this document.


  • What items do you normally recommend to diners who request a GF meal?
  • How are kitchen staff alerted to a GF order?


  • What ingredients will be used to make my order?
  • How do you know if these ingredients are really gluten free?
    • Says so on labels?
    • Checked product website?
    • Called the manufacturer?
    • Checked with the CCA?
  • Could GF ingredients / toppings become contaminated while they are waiting to be used?
  • Will you use pure spices, prepared seasonings or soy sauce made from wheat to make my meal?
  • Are deep fried items cooked in oil that has been used to deep fry breaded, battered gluten food items?
  • How do you thicken sauces & dressings?
  • Procedures

  • Do you wash your hands / change gloves / change aprons before or in between preparing regular food?
  • How do you ensure that all utensils used in preparing my food are free from traces of gluten?
  • What other precautions do you take to minimize / prevent cross contamination?
    • Separate or scrubbed frying pan?
    • Griddle?
    • Pot?
    • Colander?
    • Fresh aluminum foil?
  • Will my food be prepared in an area separate from the regular flow of the kitchen?
  • Pizzas Places & Mixed Bakeries

  • When are GF items prepared?
    • During regular operations?
    • Before regular production?
    • During downtimes / days?
  • Could the finished product become contaminated with gluten while waiting to be served?
  • How do servers confirm with the kitchen that the order they are collecting from them is GF?
  • How do servers confirm with the customer that the order they are providing is GF?
  • Personal

  • What prompted your interest in serving the gluten free?
  • Do you receive input
    • From the local Chapter of the Canadian Celiac Association?
    • A dietitian?
    • Someone familiar with celiac disease and the gluten-free diet?
  • Do you or a staff member have celiac disease? On a GF diet?