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How far do you have to travel to buy a loaf of gluten-free bread?

I know that I am lucky – I only have to go about 1.5 km to find a grocery store with a large variety of products. Within 20 km, there are about 50 outlets selling various gluten-free products.

Many Canadians with celiac disease have to travel much further to buy gluten-free food, and their selection may be limited. To help solve this problem, there are at least four online gluten-free shops that ship from Canada offering a wide variety of gluten-free products to add variety to your diet.

As of August 2011, you can buy gluten-free products from:
El Peto Products
Canadian Alternative Foods

When you are shopping, make sure you are looking at the Canadian options (look for the Canadian Flag icon) because all of these outlets also ship to the U.S.

Shipping charges can add significantly to your order, but when you compare it to gas charges for a long drive to the nearest large retail outlet, it may be a bargain. currently offers free shipping on orders to Canada and Kinnikinnick has a flat $10.00 shipping charge. Canadian Alternative Foods ( includes a coupon on future orders to help with shipping costs.

(Thanks to Carolanne who reminded us of the needs of rural consumers.)

Sue N.

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5 Responses to Online Shopping, Gluten Free

  1. Deane Purves says:

    Don’t forget The Mix Company in Eganville, Ontario.

  2. WML says:

    Are there any online suppliers of gluten free bread? Other than EL Peto or Kinnikinnick… I wouldn’t feed those products to my dog, as a matter of fact I tried and it bit me. Udi’s ok, Glutino ok, Sterk’s (fresh) ok. But where to order from online ata a reasonable price? Why does the American gluten free bread taste so good and ours so awful?

    • admin says:

      One thing about bread is that everyone has a strong opinion about what they like and what they don’t like.

      Udi’s bread took off after they received a $70 million investment last year. Glutino was just purchased by a U.S. company. Perhaps we need help our Canadian companies with significant investment too.

      Sue N.

      • WML says:

        With all due respect Sue, Isn’t it time to quit making excuses for this poor bread being offered up by some of these outfits… you know the type that has to be toaster burned prior to being edible, a loaf that is about 4 in high by about 8 in long, at a store price of about $7.00 a pop. If they can’t make edible bread then get out of the business I say, and leave room for those than make a decent bread to offer different purchase options at a reasonable price. Glutino bread isn’t bad but the online ordering is unreliable and getting more costly. Thanks

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