When to introduce gluten

Research continues on when to introduce gluten to children at risk for celiac disease. The expert panel who commented on the question for this article on Environmental Factors Examined in Celiac Disease agree with the recommendations of the CCA’s Professional Advisory Board. The only difference is that they recommending gene testing for the infant to determine if the child actually is at risk of developing celiac disease.

Essentially, the recommendation is to introduce small amounts of gluten between 4 and 6 months, while the child is still being breastfed.

There is also an optimistic reminder from Dr. Stefano Guandalini of the Celiac Disease Center at the University of Chicago: “Only about 10% of babies born to a celiac parent will ever develop celiac disease. Let’s look at the 90% full glass!”

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  1. Rosa Muchmore says:

    Re: Receiving Holy Communion at Church
    I always receive from the cup (chalice) and don’t have to worry about cross-contamination or anything else. I know the consecrated wine is really & truly Jesus.
    This comment is the Celiac Association. I don’t know how to get their email address.

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