Recall: Irresistibles GF O’s Cereals

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has reported a product recall by Metro Grocers for Irresistibles Gluten-Free – Honey-Nut O’S Cereal, and Apple Cinammon Flavour O’S Cereal because of gluten.

These cereal products have been distributed in Ontario and Quebec and are sold at both Metro and Food Basics stores.

For details on the specific products affected, visit the CIFA web site.

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3 Responses to Recall: Irresistibles GF O’s Cereals

  1. Maggie says:

    GF O’s cereals:

    So after paying $6 or $7 for the cereal, what are we supposed to do with it??
    Just chuck it??

  2. Shelley Payton says:

    What does it say when you can’t trust a label anymore? It is bad enough the cost of GF cereal is twice the price of regular cereal but we who have celiac disease and have real health problems if we don’t strictly adhere to a gluten free diet, should be able to trust that a product is gluten free if it claims it is.

    For the last few months now my health has been poor and I thought I was going insane because by my account, I was not ingesting gluten and over the last fews weeks I’ve been upset because I thought my favourite GF cereal had been discontinued. When in fact, it has been what’s been making me suffer since about the end of august I’d say. Only this past month has my health improved and NOW I know why.

    There should be some kind of compensation for this!

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