Celiac Disease and the Gluten Free Diet


Welcome! Your interest in learning about celiac disease and the gluten free diet is appreciated.

This self learning course is designed for those people who have an interest in learning about celiac disease. This course will be of great use for health care workers such as personal support workers, licensed practical nurses, workers in senior’s residences, day care workers, schools and meals on wheels. In particular people who are involved in any way in the preparation and serving of meals to persons with celiac disease such as chefs, cooks, children day care workers, school cafeteria workers, volunteers, family and friends.


The fee for this online course is $50.00. If your institution has a continuing education department, they may be interested in paying a portion of this fee. If you need to evaluate the course for a group of students, please contact info@celiac.ca to arrange for an evaluation license.

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Course Details

The purpose of this course is to acquire knowledge and continuing education about celiac disease so that you can assist your clients to eat a safe gluten-free diet. There are eight sections, each with an objective detailing what you will learn about celiac disease.

When you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the characteristics of celiac disease
  2. List common symptoms of celiac disease.
  3. Know how celiac disease is diagnosed.
  4. Understand what is meant by a gluten-free diet.
  5. Know which foods are gluten-free.
  6. Know which foods are not gluten-free.
  7. List common sources of cross contamination of gluten-free foods.
  8. Describe ways to prevent cross contamination of gluten-free foods.

Organization of the course

Pre Learning Exercises:

Each of the eight sections of the course is preceded by pre-learning exercises. These consist of a set of statements that are answered by choosing either True or False. The purpose of the pre learning exercises is for you, the learner, to find out how much you already know about that section. The pre-learning exercises are for your own information. You can do these pre-learning exercises as often as you wish within the 3 weeks, or not at all. There are three sets of pre-learning exercises: sections one and two, sections three to six
and sections seven and eight.

The answers to each of the questions can be displayed, giving the rationale for the correct answer. You choose an option by clicking on your choice. A note will pop up, stating whether your choice is correct or wrong. The rationale for the correct answer will also be displayed.

Screens with course content:

Each screen on the computer has material relevant to the section discussed. New terminology is underlined and displayed in blue. Click on the word and the definition will pop up. If you want to learn more detail on a topic, more information can be found from one of the references listed at the end of the module.

If you wish to change the size of the font, click on the view menu at the top of the page, then click on zoom. You can choose your size of zoom from the menu.

You may complete each section as often as you wish and in the order you prefer, keeping in mind that some material builds on previous sections. There are two blue arrows, one to go back a page and one to go ahead a page. Click on the arrow appropriate for you. You will find a statement in the upper left of the computer screen which displays the section you are on and the page of that section.

Completion Test

When you have completed the course and feel you are ready to write the test to obtain your Statement of Achievement, click on the button displayed. You may find it helpful to redo the pre-learning exercises as a review.

The test has 29 multiple choice questions. Click on the one best option for each question. The option letter you choose will change from dark blue to black. At the bottom of the page for each question is a statement to tell you how many questions you have answered.

When you have completed the questions, you may follow the arrows back to the beginning of the test to review your answers. Once you are ready, click the submit tab for your test to be scored.

The passing score is 70%.

When you are successful, a screen will be displayed for you to fill in with your name and email address. This is how you will be sent your Statement of Achievement. Below this information, are the answers that you gave to each question. This statement can be kept for your own information or shown to you workplace leader as part of your continuing or in-service education. If your score is less than 70%, you can review the course and then try the test again.