CCA aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals

The CCA mission aligns with 3 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).  These are #2. Zero Hunger, #3. Good Health and Well Being, and #10. Reduce Inequalities. This is done mainly through the CCA’s on-going advocacy, community outreach and medical research funding.

SDG #2.  Zero Hunger

Access to safe and healthy gluten free food is essential for Celiacs and those with gluten-related disorders.  The CCA advocates to ensure access to healthy and safe foods for Canadians suffering from Celiac disease and gluten-related disorders.  This is done through advocacy with the corporate sector as well as with federal and provincial governments to ensure better labeling for gluten free foods.





SDG #3.  Good Health and Well Being

Part of the CCA’s mission is to fund science-based research through a globally recognized Professional Advisory Council (PAC) to find better treatments and hopefully one day a cure.

The CCA also advocates with medical and government bodies to decrease the time to diagnosis for celiac disease and gluten-related disorders as well as to increase early diagnosis in children so as to avoid sometimes permanent negative health impacts.

Access to gluten free foods is essential to maintaining good health and can be especially challenging for seniors and/or those living in long-term care and retirement facilities that have Celiac Disease or other gluten-related disorders.  The CCA works to ensure that they have support and access to GF.

The CCA also works to increase the health of Canadians by advocating for the better labeling of gluten free foods to avoid cross-contamination and to ensure the proper labeling of the salt and sugar content of gluten-free foods.

SDG #10.  Reduce Inequalities

The CCA performs community outreach, provides education about Celiac Disease and access to gluten-free foods and supports all communities including multicultural communities, people of colour and various ages.

The CCA is transforming from a member-based organisation to a donor-based organisation, ensuring all Canadians can leverage the services and support of the CCA, not just members.

The CCA also advocates for more affordable and healthier food options for Canadians with Celiac Disease and gluten-related disorders.


To learn more about the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, click here.

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