BFree Recipes & New Product Packaging

When you go shopping for products to make the incredible recipes listed below from BFree, please note the new look  on the same trusted product. 

Here’s the new packaging, and tag line, Eat Happy

Old Logo

New Logo

BFree Logo


What’s new? 

BFree’s new green packaging makes it easier to navigate gluten-free shopping and gives foodies a wealth of recipe inspiration.  The new packaging keeps product fresher for longer and reduces impact on the planet. 

What’s the same? 

BFree remains committed to trust, taste and choice and is always gluten, wheat and dairy free. 

BFree is a proud sponsor of the Newly Diagnosed Program

Celiac Canada created the Newly Diagnosed Pathway to help you self-manage and thrive with celiac disease. Learn all you need to know in 3 months. You’ll discover what gluten is, how to read labels, risks of cross contamination, and more. 

BFree Recipes

Looking for exciting, delicious, gluten-free recipes? Try these dishes brought to you by BFree.

Middle Eastern Cauliflower Pita

This Middle Eastern Cauliflower Pita will spice up your next meal. You’ll want to eat it over and over again! 

Tortilla Crust High Protein Tart

The Tortilla Crust High Protein Tart will be an easy and delicious meal to add to your weekly roster. 

Tandoori Paneer Naan

Try this delish Tandoori Paneer Naan that will bring a new flavour and vibe to your dinner table.

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