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UPDATE: Sensations Brand Pecan-crusted Cheesecake Collection Reinstated

On April 4 2018, with the assistance of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Sobeys initiated a recall for their Sensations by Compliments Brand Pecan-crusted Cheesecake Collection from the marketplace because it contained wheat which was not declared on the label.

The product was declared gluten-free under the Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP) and carried a trademark, owned by the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA). The CFIA advised that those with an allergy to wheat, celiac disease or other gluten-related disorders should not consume the product described in the recall notice.

The source of the wheat was identified in a gluten containing slice of cheesecake, which was inadvertently packaged and labelled as gluten-free. The incident was due to human error during the packaging process and was isolated to three lots.

On April 5, Sobeys instructed the manufacturer to cease production pending an investigation. A subsequent on-site inspection of the facility was conducted on April 16 by the auditor from the Certification (audit) Body, Sobeys and a representative of Allergen Control Group (ACG) owners of the GFCP. All the required corrective procedures were observed to be in place and effective during gluten-free production.

Consumers across North American can be confident that this event is being handled with the highest priority by Sobeys and ACG on behalf of the CCA, to ensure that manufacturers of gluten-free products meet government’s strictest gluten-free requirements. Thus, consumers can continue to trust products under the Sobeys banner, including those which display the GFCP Trademark.



Media Contact for CCA:

Melissa Secord
Executive Director
905.507.6208 ext 226

About Canadian Celiac Association (CCA)

CCA is the national voice for people who are adversely affected by gluten and is dedicated to improving diagnosis and quality of life. It is a national charity headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and has been serving the community since 1982.

Media Contact for ACG:

Frank Massong
Vice-President, Regulatory and Technical Services
Allergen Control Group Inc.
866.817.0952 ext 224 or 416-860-5406

About Allergen Control Group

Allergen Control Group Inc (ACG) is North America’s leading subject matter expert, developing and marketing specific risk based “free-from” food standards, for major grocery retailers, national brand owners and manufacturers, across food, natural health products, beverage and pharma industry sectors. As owners of the only recognized ISO 17021-1 Gluten-Free Certification Program (GFCP), ACG offer brand owners the most stringent product safety assurances, combined with a credible brand message, which is endorsed by leading North American celiac organizations.


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