400,000 Canadians have celiac disease. Only 15% of them are diagnosed.
Let's change that.

Sonia, Age 40. Diagnosed with celiac disease at thirty-three years old.

On average, diagnosis takes over a decade for the 1 in 114 people in Canada who are at risk of celiac. We want to change that, but we need your help.

You can help all Canadians with celiac disease (CD) and gluten disorders live their best lives.

Your support will help fund research and education efforts, advocate for fully funded celiac screening, provide the expertise of registered dietitians, and promote innovative food safety initiatives.

The CCA is a lifeline to people living with the reality of CD.

Celiac disease is a life-long autoimmune condition that has no cure or pharmacological treatment. Left undiagnosed it can cause life-altering and even life-threatening conditions. Sadly, it is estimated that just 15% of people living with CD in Canada have been properly diagnosed.

Nicole Byrom, R.D., Health Promotions Manager

Your gift will change lives.

Your donation today will help support our Client Support Desk where celiacs at all stages of their journey can reach out for help.

Right now, CCA is creating Canada’s first-ever clinical practice guidelines for celiac disease that will help family doctors and allied health professionals recognize the early signs of the disease and get the testing done sooner. 

The demand for support is increasing in the celiac community, which is why we ensure accurate, evidence-based information is provided. CCA’s Client Support Desk is supported by registered dietitians and backed by our Professional Advisory Council.

This service is offered free of charge to the Canadian celiac community through the generosity of donors like you.

Your donation will help thousands of Canadians living with CD regain power over the disease, their bodies and their lives.

Thank you for your generosity.

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