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Food Insecurity and celiac disease

During this difficult time, people with celiac disease may find themselves losing their jobs, facing financial challenges and need to access a local food bank or service agency.

It is important that individuals self-advocate to ensure they stay safe and healthy.  We’ve provided some tips to help empower your journey.

Food Banks and Agencies

Health Canada has recently issued an interim order that people who require special diets, such as gluten free because of celiac disease, MUST be accomodated. Let our team assist your food bank with resources and information.

CCA recently connected Only Oats with Eden Food for Change with a large supply of gluten-free oats.  We have suppliers ready to offer donations and supply, plesae contact either Jaya Mootoo or Melissa Secord.

Contact us to request to our gluten-free food labelling guide and celiac disease booklet.

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