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Your patients who suspect they may have celiac disease or have been recently diagnosed need a great deal of help learning about the disease. It’s a lifelong journey. Celiac Canada is a one-stop shop for all the resources they need to learn how to manage the disease and thrive.

Most importantly, we are a gathering place for community, where people can connect and not feel so isolated and overwhelmed.

Check out the resources designed for your patients. We’ve also created a flyer you can download and give your patients so they’ll know where to find us. 


Newly Diagnosed Pathway


Patients can master the gluten-free diet in three months in thirty curated emails on topics like what to eat and what to avoid, cross-contamination, travel, eating out and how to deal with family and friends. And much more…

Growing Up Celiac

For children and their parents. Brochures, videos, school letters, shopping lists & recipes. Turn the little ones into a celiac warriors, confident enough to advocate for themselves.

Download and print these resources for your newly diagnosed clients so they can learn more about managing their disease.. 

Celiac Disease 101 in a four page pamphlet. What every patient needs to know about who gets celiac disease and how it affects the body

Print this double sided card that links to the Newly Diagnosed Program and summaries supports patients can access



Celiac Canada is the only national charity championing how to find, treat & cure celiac disease so you can safely manage your lifelong gluten-free journey.

A world leader for the best medical, lifestyle and policy solutions that improve access to safe gluten-free food, standards of care & world-class education/research.

CCA changes minds, hearts, laws & lives.

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