Travel to Ireland with two CCA Presidents, past and present.

Over the past several months, Anne (CCA past president)  and I have been working closely with Merit Travel and Royal Irish Tours to create a tour that we have every confidence will address all our dietary needs. We have connected with Gluten Free Ireland and two other Celiac Associations for dining and treats information.


We have spent a lot of time asking lots of questions to ensure that all issues we might encounter will be avoided. Royal Irish Tours has already vetted and actually booked all the hotels and all the dinners they are hosting.


Anne and I will further verify these dinners in advance. Where we have overnight stops that do not include dinner, we have been promised there are many options. We’ll create a document listing each place we stop at and provide online links to the best dining options for lunches and unhosted dinners. You’ll get this info. well in advance of our departure!


Please contact Trina or Brianne to let them know you’d like to join us.  They’ll send you the itinerary and more booking info after you contact them by email at the links above or listed in the flyer below. Book by April 30th so we can confirm numbers. 


Anne and I are looking forward to this tour and are enthusiastic about “getting it right” for all of us! We hope you will consider joining us!


We need to confirm numbers by the end of April to ensure the trip goes ahead so let Trina or Brianne know ASAP please. 


Liz Wall, 

CCA President. 

** if minimum group numbers are not met by May 15, 2024, group space will be released, and the tour will be cancelled. **

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