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Could it be celiac disease?

So you think you might have celiac disease?  Let us help guide you in the right direction.


If you have a positive diagnosis, consider the CCA has a reliable, evidence-based resource for you and your family. Sign up for our newsletters, updates and latest news on celiac disease to help empower your life and stay as healthy as possible.

Could it be celiac disease? – A webinar

Dr. Mohsin Rashid provides a one-hour webinar on the signs, symptoms and risk factors.

Question: What do you do if you think  you might have celiac disease?

Watch the 2-minute video.

Question: I have celiac disease. Should I have my family also tested?

 Watch our short 2-minute video for your answer!

Question: I’ve already gone gluten free. What if I think I have celiac disease?

Watch our 2-minute video to learn more.

Your next step? Get our hand out and talk with your doctor or healthcare professional.



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