A Gluten-Free Holiday Season

Make your holidays sparkle with Celiac Canada and Little Northern Bakehouse! Take the guesswork out of dinners, spices, nuts, alcohol and more. Get tips for handling social situations and have fun baking new recipes. From us to you, we wish you a wonderful, peaceful and safe holiday season. 

A festive feast of a magazine, packed full of ways to survive and thrive this holiday season. 

In this issue:

  • Holiday celebrations across cultures
  • Holiday gift-guide
  • Gluten-free gatherings
  • And more…

Gluten Free Holiday Recipes

Enjoy these delicious gluten free holiday recipes, generously provided by Little Northern Bakehouse.

Tips for a Merry and Bright Holiday Season

We all know the holiday season can feel especially challenging with the focus on food and social gatherings. That’s why we’ve brought you tips and tools to help you have a safe and delicious holiday season!

Ask your party host these questions to stay safe

A conversation with your party host can avoid a belly ache later! Take time to communicate your needs. Ask these questions to ensure you stay safe.

#1. If a turkey had regular bread stuffing inside, then the turkey itself is contaminated.

#2. Crumbs from previously used butter can contaminate the mashed potatoes.

#3. Some cutting boards, especially wood or plastic ones, can hold onto gluten in the grooves left by knife cuts, even after being washed.

#4. When food items like chips or nuts are laid out in bowls, always ask to see the packaging to make sure they are safe to eat.

#5. Bringing along a dish will ensure that you have a safe and filling option for the party.

Alcohol and beer guidelines

If you’re wondering what alcohol is safe to sip, here are some tips to ensure your festive drink(s) are safe.

Safe: distilled alcohols, gluten-free beer and wine.

Maybe safe: pre-mixed drinks.

Not safe: regular and gluten-reduced beers, and malt-based beverages. When in doubt – always read the label.

What's the deal with spices?

Spices are derived from the dried part of plants such as the root, seed, bark, bud, berries or flowers. Individual herbs and spices do not usually contain gluten, although in rare cases, wheat flour or wheat starch can be added to reduce costs.

Health Canada strongly recommends that individuals with wheat allergies or celiac disease avoid products with a “may contain wheat” statement due to the possible presence of unintended wheat or other gluten sources. Of note: if there is a gluten-free label and a may contains statement, then the gluten-free claim wins out, and the product is considered safe for consumption.

Do nuts need to be labelled gluten free?

There has been a lot of confusion about the safety of nuts and nut products. Follow these practices:

  1. Look at the label to see if there are any gluten-containing ingredients listed.
  2. If gluten-containing ingredients are NOT listed on the label, they are considered safe to consume, even without a GF claim.
  3. However, if gluten-containing ingredients ARE listen in the ingredients list or in a precautionary statement, they should be avoided.
  4. Be extra cautious of nuts with added seasonings or flavourings as these may include gluten-containing ingredients or have a precautionary statement for gluten-containing ingredients.

Top tips for when you get glutened:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Drinking tea (specifically ginger tea)
  • Hot bath with epsom salt
  • Heating pad
  • Gravol, if needed to help with nausea and vomiting
  • Stick to simple foods that are easy to digest
  • Allow yourself to rest & relax. Time will heal!
  • Be kind to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up. Mistakes happen.

What we do not recommend when glutened: we do not recommend taking activated charcoal when accidentally glutened. Activated charcoal is used to counteract the effects of accidental poisoning or drug overdose. It interferes with both food and drug absorption and it can cause side effects including constipation and black stool.

Probiotics may help with symptoms, although evidence is not strong.

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Donate to Your Local Foodbank

Please remember to pay it forward this holiday season and donate to your local food bank. Use our Save Me for Gluten Free food program to help you get gluten-free food into the hands of those who need it most.

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