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Resources for Children & Their Parents

Growing Up Celiac

CCA is pleased to announce new family resources  – just in time for May Celiac Awareness Month.

Growing Up Celiac – A Workbook for Parents 

A 20-page easy to read resource from the CCA written especially for parents who have children with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. It contains information about the disease, tips from fellow parents, nutrition and other resources, recipes, and of course GF lunch and snack ideas.

Click here to receive your FREE workbook.  Order your free workbook while quantities last (including shipping) courtesy of Udi’s Gluten Free and The Beutel Goodman Foundation. One copy per household.


If you are a hospital, health clinic, healthcare provider, public health or other institution, please contact us directly for bulk orders at


Canadian Families Share their Tips – Videos

Three Canadian families share their coping strategies and navigating day to day life inside and outside the home.

Parent to Parent – You got this!

“Instead of focusing on substitutes, we are trying to stay with foods that naturally don’t contain gluten, and it’s easy to make up a meal of fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, dairy, eggs, beans, etc. The only tricky situations are the unexpected ones – when you’re out and all of a sudden, all the kids are being offered a treat that is not gluten-free.  We try to keep a treat in our car/bags so that we are prepared for these situations.  But our daughter understands and trusts that if we don’t have an alternative right away, we will make it up to her as soon as possible. “  – Tiffault Family

“When we first heard we thought it would be extremely hard to manage as we were big bread eaters and generally interested in eating all kinds of different foods. However, after the first few months, we were much more relaxed about it. It just takes time to get to know the foods/products you can eat and time to get into a rhythm around making lunches, handling social occasions and things. We are lucky to live in a moment where there is lots of awareness about gluten-free diets – there are a lot of products to eat and many restaurants in big cities are familiar with gluten free diets/cross-contamination.” – Kate B.

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it. Life is all about how you handle plan B. Surround yourself with people who get it (or want to get it). Your attitude determines your direction. When you replace, “Why is happening to me?”, with “What is this trying to teach me?” Everything shifts.” Julie W.



We are grateful for the support of CCA Gold Partner Udi’s Gluten Free and the CCA Nova Scotia Chapter for their generous support. Many thanks to the families for sharing their tips and time!

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