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Order directly from the CCA using the downloadable PDF form below. Please note: we are currently updating our inventory and materials. Some materials may no longer be available. Please call before ordering online.


Growing Up Celiac Parent Workbook

A 20-page workbook for parents of newly-diagnosed children. The workbook includes tips from other parents and information on navigating the gluten-free diet in your household, at school and more.

Price: $5 per book

Gluten Alert Restaurant Cards

A card to alert food establishments that the person they are serving has celiac disease.

Price: Package of 10 ($2 members/ $3 non-members)

Pocket Dictionary – Acceptability of Foods & Food Ingredients for the Gluten-Free Diet – 2012 edition

This pocket-sized dictionary was developed to help people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity to select acceptable foods and understand food ingredients so that they may avoid foods containing gluten. It provides a brief description of each item along with an assessment of its acceptability for the gluten-fee diet.

Price: $6.95 members / $9.95 non-members, reduced prices for more than 10 copies)

Practical Guide to Gluten-related Disorders and the Gluten-Free Diet

2017 edition  – Developed specifically for public and private senior’s residences and Meals on Wheels Services.

Price: $12 members/$15 non-members

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Celiac Disease: What is it?
Celiac Disease: Myths and Facts
Celiac Disease: Blood Testing
Celiac Disease: Hidden and Dangerous
Celiac Disease: a Guide for Teachers
Celiac Disease for Seniors
Dental and Oral Manifestations
Gluten Free Eating


La maladie coeliaque – sournoise et dangereuse
La maladie coeliaque: La lien au gluten


Celiac Disease: Myths and Facts
Celiac Disease: What is it?


Celiac Disease: Myths and Facts
Celiac Disease: What is it?

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