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Sadie’s Gluten-free Tips!

Enjoy these gluten-free tips from Sadie, one of our young ambassadors.

  1. Read all labels, and learn to recognize the words wheat, barley, rye and oats.
  2. Also learn how to recognize the Gluten-free certification symbol!
  3.  I bring my own pizza and cupcakes to birthday parties. I don’t eat the ones there. If there are gluten-free chips at the party, I pour some out from the bag, instead of reaching into the same bowl as everyone else.
  4. I like to read books and watch TV shows about other people who have Celiac Disease (Like the book Eating Gluten Free with Emily and the TV show Sugar Rush).
  5. If something doesn’t have ingredients on it, I don’t take it.
  6. In the lunchroom at school, I eat at the end of the table, where there are fewer kids around me with crumbs.
  7. If you are disappointed when someone offers you food that you know you can’t eat, make a plan to get something else afterwards that will be just as good.
  8. You even have to check toys – PlayDoh and some other craft kits contain gluten!
  9. Whatever you can’t buy gluten-free, you can try to make!
  10. You should feel unique in your own way!

Posted May 2021

For more resources for children, visit here.

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