Resources for University/College Students

As a young adult, entering University or College can be scary, especially if you’re living with celiac disease and require a strict, gluten-free diet. We have compiled a list of helpful resources, including GF recipes, tips for dining out and sharing a kitchen, local support, GF product finder and so much more!




Top 10 tips for heading off to university/college

  1. Stock up on GF freezer friendly meals and snacks so you have something to grab before class or on-the-go that is easy and delicious!
  2. Find GF substitutes that you love. Just because you’re GF, does not mean your food has to be boring! Eat GF food you genuinely enjoy eating.
  3. For cost savings eat naturally GF foods (i.e. broccoli, rice, potato, beans, fish/chicken) by shopping the perimeter of the grocery store to save money and make your meals at home.
  4. For those with a shared kitchen, have your own toaster, a dedicated space for your GF foods, carefully label GF foods, use squirt bottles for condiments and keep your kitchen clean and free from crumbs. See our ‘shared kitchen‘ webinar.
  5. Buy a mini fridge for your dorm room. This is helpful to store food in your dorm room/apartment for late nights when nothing else is open.
  6. Don’t avoid social events just because they involve food. You can eat before you go and join for drinks or make your favourite GF dish and bring it to share with everyone!
  7. Do your research to find the right university for you. Some universities offer GF certified options, but not all do. Call around, talk to the dining staff and ask if they can accommodate a GF diet for someone with celiac disease.
  8. Take the opportunity to educate your friends about celiac disease. Many people have misconceptions about being GF, so take this time to educate and clear up any myths.
  9. Find a support group. The CCA Celiac Facebook Page, CCA Client Support Desk, CCA Resources (shared kitchen webinar, dining out, newly diagnosed, etc.)
  10. Surround yourself with supportive people. Those who care will try to understand and make accommodations so you never feel left out/isolated. Don’t let celiac disease hold you back!

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