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Meet our Dietitians

A dietitian is a regulated health professional who is passionate about food and the science behind it.

When you are diagnosed with celiac disease, you will be referred to a dietitian for help removing gluten from your diet.

Our team of expert dietitians provide evidence-based advice through our support line and by keeping the charity up to date on the latest in dietetic information related to the gluten-free diet.

Recently, our dietitians created a program for newly diagnosed celiac disease patients, to help guide them through the wealth of information the CCA has to offer. You can visit that program here.


Nicole Byrom is the Registered Dietitian and Health Promotions Manager with the CCA. Nicole resides in North Vancouver, BC and lives with her very energetic family including three children, two cats and a dog. Nicole’s journey with celiac disease began with her mother’s diagnosis, shortly followed by both her daughter and husband’s diagnosis. Nicole has worked as a RD for 18 years in a variety of clinical settings, including both in-patient and out-patient work. Since joining the CCA Nicole has been working hard to help develop resources, create content and collaborate with other organizations to increase awareness and diagnosis of celiac disease. Nicole has a client focus and wants to ensure that all people reaching out to the CCA feel supported and empowered.


Caleigh McAulay is the Health Promotions Coordinator at CCA. She currently resides in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition, Caleigh moved to Guelph, Ontario to complete her Master’s of Applied Nutrition and dietetic internship. Caleigh’s last internship placement was with the CCA and it was where she landed her first job post-grad. She has been working with the CCA for over a year now and has grown very passionate about helping improve the lives of people with celiac disease. Caleigh works the Client Support Desk, overseeing CCA’s Facebook group, participating in CCA’s RD Working group and is on the Food Bank Task Force.



Do you have a question for our dietitians? Call the support line: 1.800.363.7296 or visit our Living Gluten Free section.

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