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Gluten Free 101: Getting started on the gluten free diet

 July 17 2024, 7 pm ET


Are you newly diagnosed with celiac disease? Overwhelmed and not sure where to start?

We know how difficult a new diagnosis can be but we are here to help you get back to health and feeling your best! We are here to guide you and help you master your gluten free diet. Join our Gluten Free 101 webinar developed for newly diagnosed Canadians to help increase your confidence with the gluten free diet!
What you can expect to learn:

• Label reading
• Dining out
• Traveling
• High risk and low risk foods
• How to eat gluten free in your home
• Taking care of you

Step Up for Celiac and bring us steps closer to the cure

October 1 – 31, 2024


Sign up now to participate and raise funds for programs and services for people living with celiac disease in Canada. 

We need each participant to raise $100 towards our $50,000 goal.  

Yes, this year please make that commitment to become a part of the fun and success in knowing you stepped up and went the distance!  Prizes are available for top fundraisers in each event category. 

Please note that the Registration Fees are administration fees and not donated back to Celiac Canada.

The Sunflower Festival at the Davis Family Farm is here! Purchase your tickets to walk through 45 acres of beautiful sunflowers starting July 26. 

We hope to see you there!

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