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The CCA Fall Conference 2022 is the national conference where Canadians with celiac disease and gluten related disorders, health professionals, researchers, policy-makers, academics, food manufacturers and distributors, come together to strengthen efforts to improve celiac disease management and quality of life, to share the latest research and information, to promote best practices and to advocate for celiac disease issues and policies grounded in research.

The CCA will embrace technology and present virtual sessions November 12 and 13 from 12:00pm-4:30 (Eastern Standard Time) daily.

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 Anyone who is interested in improving the health and well-being of the Canadian celiac population should be attending this conference. CCA 2022 is the meeting place for a wide range of stakeholders, all striving for a common goal. The conference may be of particular interest to:

  • Academics and Researchers
  • People with celiac, non-celiac gluten disorders, and dermatitis herpetiformis or family members/care givers
  • Family doctors, dietitians, dentists and other allied health professionals – a continuing medical education certificate can be provided
  • Gastroenterologists
  • Food distributors; brokers; food and beverage manufacturers
  • anyone with an interest in celiac disease and gluten-related disorders
"I really enjoy that participants are able to connect with such knowledgeable scientists and medical professionals! Kudos to the CCA for getting such amazing speakers. Thank-you!"
2021 Conference Participant


Registration is NOW CLOSED.

Conference: November 12-13, 2022


Having attended CCA 2022, participants will be better prepared to:

  • Articulate the current status of the latest research and disease management 
  • Identify celiac disease challenges and related solutions, trends, emerging issues and gaps
  • Learn new nutrition management skills and the latest in nutritional science as it relates to celiac disease
  • Assess nutrition in celiac disease, and be able to identify when the gluten-free diet isn’t enough


The virtual conference allows you the opportunity to:

  • Avoid registration fees and gain virtual access to 10 sessions;
  • Avoid paying travel costs and learn in your personal home or work environment at your own pace;
  • Gain additional insight and inspiration with unlimited, on-demand access to the content for one year; and 
  • Engage with speakers via online polls and audience Q&A.



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