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CCA surveyed thousands of Canadians with celiac to see what they know about oats.

-May 2020

Organic pollutants and increased risk of celiac disease

-May 2020

Association Between Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and Celiac Disease: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis – May 2020

In a systematic review and meta-analysis, the study found an increased risk of IBD in patients with celiac disease and increased risk of celiac disease in patients with IBD, compared with other patient populations. High-quality prospective cohort studies are needed to assess the risk of celiac disease-specific and IBD-specific biomarkers in patients with IBD and celiac disease.


The Doggie Bag Study–  Most Patients With Celiac Disease on Gluten-Free Diets Consume Measurable Amounts of Gluten – March 2020

This study received funding from CCA’s James A. Campbell Research Fund. Dr. Donald Duerksen. The Doggie Bag Study

Real-world Gluten Exposure in Patients With Celiac Disease on Gluten-Free Diets, Determined From Gliadin Immunogenic Peptides in Urine and Fecal Samples – March 2020

Sheffield researchers confirm coeliac disease can damage the brain  – February 2020

Undeclared Gluten in Products Containing Gluten-Free Oats – Canadian Food Inspection Agency Survey, published November 2019

European Clinical Practice Guidelines for Celiac Disease (ESPHGAN) – October 2019

Takeda acquires global license for investigational therapy for celiac disease following positive 2A clinical trial  – October, 2019

Predicting Instestinal Healing – October, 2019

Cross-Contact Study – Do families really need two toasters – October 2019

Metabolism of wheat proteins by intestinal microbes: Implications for wheat related disorders – September 2019

Silent celiac disease common in relatives of patients – September, 2019

Celiac disease: should we care about microbes? – August 2019

Survey of the initial management of celiac disease antibody tests by ordering physicians

Gluten immunogenic peptide excretion detects dietary transgressions in treated celiac disease patient – March 2019

Assessment of the knowledge of the gluten-dree diet amongst food handlers in health care institution care facilities – March 2019

Normalization Time of Celiac Serology in Children on a Gluten-free Diet

Genetic Overlap Between Autoimmune Disease and NHL Not Supported by Genome-Wide Association Study

Innovate Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces First Patient Dosed in the First Phase 3 Clinical Trial for Patients with Celiac Disease

World’s first diagnostic blood test for celiac disease in sight

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Awards Another Major Grant to ImmunogenX to Conduct a Clinical Trial for Latiglutenase

Why people with celiac disease suffer so soon after eating gluten

New study calls for screening of family members of celiac disease patients


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