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From symptom trackers to gluten-free diet guides, the CCA has multiple resources on celiac disease available in several languages, like Arabic, French and Punjabi. Check them out here. Note: these brochures are formatted for printing.

Celiac Disease What is it
The Gluten-Free Diet
Myths and Facts
Celiac Disease: Blood Testing
Celiac Disease Hidden and Dangerous
Celiac Disease: Teacher Tips
Celiac Disease and Seniors
Celiac Disease: Oral and Dental Complications


La maladie coeliaque – sournoise et dangereuse
La maladie coeliaque: La lien au gluten



Celiac Disease: Myths and Facts
Celiac Disease: What is it?
The Gluten-Free Diet


Celiac Disease: Myths and Facts
Celiac Disease: What is it?



Celiac Disease: What is it?
The Gluten-Free Diet



Please join Dr. Moshin Rashid and dietitian Guari Bawa for an educational evening presented in the Urdu language. This webinar covers the symptoms and diagnosis of celiac disease, as well as tips for following a gluten-free diet. In addition we are be joined by Saima Hassan of Breadables. Saima tells us about her product and teaches us how to make delicious gluten-free roti. Sponsored by Breadables with support from Takeda.

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