CCA Privacy Policy

Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) respects the privacy of people with celiac disease (CD) and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH) and those who choose to eat gluten free for health reasons: our members, donors, employees, volunteers, the public and other stakeholders in all that we do. Their personal information IS protected. Policies are in place to ensure this.

The following are those policies and practices.

  1. We record the personal information you share with us including name, address, date of birth, telephone and fax number(s) and e-mail address.
  2. We share this information with the chapter with which you will be affiliated.
  3. We will use this information to communicate with you with newsletters, fundraising requests etc.
  4. We do not share this information with any other individual(s) or organization(s).

CCA’s Privacy Policy Statement

CCA is committed to protecting and maintaining the confidential information entrusted to us by our celiac disease members, donors, employees, volunteers, public and other stakeholders. We will maintain that trust with all information shared with us. This applies to any inquiries about CD & DH, the gluten-free diet, membership, research data, volunteering, and fund raising. It pertains to any information that can be used to distinguish, identify or contact a specific individual. Safeguards are in place to ensure that information will not be shared more widely than for the purpose for its original intent. The exception is business contact information and other publicly available information, which is not, considered personal information.

We gather contact information to serve our membership through postal and electronic mailing in order to inform, advise and update them on CCA’s work toward achieving our mission.

While we are committed to confidentiality, CCA cannot guarantee that confidentiality when faced with court requests for contact information.

We commit to a regular review of our Privacy Policy and to update it as deemed necessary by our Board of Directors.

Web site

If you send us e-mail, you may choose to provide us with the personal information, as in e-mail with a comment or question. We use the information to improve our service to you or to respond to your request. Except for authorized law enforcement investigations, we do not share your e-mail with any outside individual or organization.

If you do nothing during your visit but browse through the web site, read pages, or download information, we will gather and store certain information about your visit automatically. This information does not identify you personally.

We automatically collect and store only the following information about your visit:

We use the information we collect to count the number and type of visitors to the different pages on our site. This data helps us make our site more useful to visitors like you.

Our Web site has links to partners and other sites. When you link to another site, you are no longer on our site and are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.

Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability

The information provided in this website and in all of our printed materials has been compiled and published in good faith using all reasonable efforts and the most current information available. However, more recent information may have become available which may make the information obsolete, incomplete or inaccurate. As a result, the information provided is subject to amendment.

Also, the information provided in this website and in all of our printed materials cannot replace consultations with qualified health-care professionals and nutritionists to meet your individual medical needs. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for professional medical and nutritional advice or recommendations. You should always seek the advice of a qualified health care professional with any questions you may have.

Use of the information contained in this website and in all of our publications is at your own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Canadian Celiac Association (the “CCA”), its local chapters (“Chapters”) and all persons involved in compiling this the information in our website and in all of our publications DISCLAIM any responsibility whatsoever for the information provided, make no representations and warranties and disclaim any and all express, implied or statutory warranties and conditions regarding the information provided including, without limitation, any and all warranties that the information is accurate and up-to-date.

In no event will the CCA, its Chapters, or those persons involved in compiling this website and all of the publications be liable, based on any legal theory, for any damages of any kind, howsoever caused, resulting from the use of this information including, without limitation, for any error or misstatement that may exist within this website and all of the publications (including in any advertisements, due to an error by the advertiser, vendor, manufacturer, a third party, or otherwise).


For any other issues regarding our website, please email our webmaster at

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