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This year we proudly celebrate 50 years of helping to ensure that every person in Canada suffering from the life altering symptoms of celiac disease is diagnosed, empowered, and on the road to a healthier life.  Through awareness, research, advocacy, and various programs of support we continue our commitment to every person in Canada living gluten free.  Celiac disease does not discriminate.  Anyone, at any age, can be impacted by celiac disease.

Please consider sharing in our vision and future by purchasing Sunflower Seed packets.  

The Davis Family has once again shown their generosity and belief in our work by donating packets of high-quality Sunflower Seeds from their sunflower farm in Caledon, Ontario.  The proceeds from the sale of each package go directly towards sustaining our life-enhancing programs.

This year is special because it is our 50th anniversary.  So we kindly ask that you, to the best of your ability, top up your purchase amount and add on a tax receipt-able donation to support us.

We couldn’t do what we do without YOU!

A special thank you to the Davis Family Farm of Caledon, Ontario for donating their seeds. Read below to learn about the Davis Family and their journey with celiac disease.

Sunflower Seed Packets

All sales include $2 shipping fee.  

  • 1 package= $7
  • 2 packages=$12
  • 3 packages=$17
  • 4 Packages=$22

Meet father and son, Sean and Weston Davis.

Their journey with celiac disease first began when Weston was just a year old. Weston became very sick and they were desperately searching for answers for eight months. Once Weston finally got a positive blood test for celiac disease and a follow-up endoscopy, he went from not growing to a young flourishing boy in just a matter of a month after being put on a strict gluten-free diet. Through Weston’s diagnosis, Sean was able to find out that he also has celiac disease.

Sean Davis states “The day our son got diagnosed with celiac disease was the best day of our lives because as parents, then, we knew how to take care of our child.”

Sunflowers represent new beginnings and it was their celiac diagnosis – a new beginning,  that inspired sowing seeds for celiac!

The Davis family has been tremendous supporters of CCA and we hope you will too. It is because of families like you and the Davis’s giving back to the community through CCA that other families are learning about celiac disease and getting the right help.

Every year, the Davis Family hosts a Sunflower Festival to sow the seeds for celiac. This year the anticipated dates are July 29-August 15, 2023.

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