Wyatt's story. How a toddler nearly died, then learned how to thrive.

Appeal by Melissa Secord, National Executive Director

When celiac goes undiagnosed, sometimes even simple slices of toast can be life-threatening.


Wyatt lives on the east coast of Canada. Born in October 2020, smack in the middle of COVID.


It didn’t take long for his mom (Kerri) and dad (Andrew) to notice something was wrong. Wyatt became incredibly sick. His symptoms came fast and furious. He was malnourished and weak. Non-verbal and nearly immobile.


The joy of a baby boy turned to fear. Kerri told me it was the scariest time of her life.


Turns out, Wyatt’s condition was rare and aggressive. He almost lost his life! The transition to a gluten-free diet was challenging but they saw a dramatic change in Wyatt within weeks. Now, at three he’s a healthy, thriving boy. Early diagnosis and timely help from Celiac Canada saved his life!

“Within one week of Wyatt being diagnosed, we signed up for a webinar by Celiac Canada and it helped us understand this complex disease in simple terms. We have since used Celiac Canada and its trusted resources multiple times to further our education”, remembers Kerri, Wyatt’s mom.

Because of Wyatt’s diagnosis, five months later through routine testing Wyatt’s dad Andrew, also discovered he too has celiac disease and is on the proper diet.

I’m so thankful Wyatt finally got diagnosed and Celiac Canada’s programs for kids like “Growing Up Celiac” could help him and his parents.

Without the support of partners like you – who know first-hand the threat and impacts of celiac disease– we could not continue to provide so many practical services critically needed and benefiting the celiac community. 

We also run awareness campaigns for the newly diagnosed, provide reliable resources on the gluten-free diet and promote clearer, safer labelling. We invest in research and educate healthcare professionals to recognise and treat the disease. And of course, we knock on governments’ doors to change laws that benefit all those with celiac. 

The thought of other “Wyatts” across Canada who suffer unnecessarily with no diagnosis or who struggle to maintain a healthy diet with its high costs, compels me to ask you for a special gift to keep the work of our small but mighty charity going.

To keep this all going I need to raise $80,000 in the next 30 days for our early diagnosis program and more.

Wyatt’s mom Kerri appeals, “Our hope for this fundraising campaign is that it will help raise awareness about the seriousness of celiac disease and give pause for thought, particularly to those who are in positions of authority to rethink food inclusivity in schools and simplify the celiac tax credit process.”

I urgently need your help to reach this goal. As an encouragement, give in the next 30 days and your gift will be matched to double your impact. Would you stand with me with a gift of $50, $75, $100 or more?

 Thank you for your compassion and generosity. We’re thrilled to take care of our community.


Help us continue to help you, and others.


Standing with you,


Melissa Secord, National Executive Director

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