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Asymptomatic or are your symptoms hiding?


Tina, Age 43

How could I have Celiac Disease? I had no symptoms! I have no family history! It was a complete shock in 2020 when my then 4 year old was diagnosed with the condition after almost 2 years of complaining of abdominal symptoms. But when our family doctor ordered blood work for myself, husband and other daughter, I assumed all would be negative because none of us had any GI symptoms. I was devastated when I got the news that my blood work was abnormal and would need a scope for a final diagnosis. And just a couple of months later I was given the official diagnosis of Celiac Disease.

— Tina

How could I have Celiac Disease?

It didn’t hurt when I ate gluten so I didn’t want to stop eating all the foods I loved. It didn’t hurt to eat gluten so it just felt like a punishment to have to go gluten free. I was angry and sad. Around 4 or 5 months into the new diet I realized that the anxiety, depression and insomnia I had battled for around 3 decades were going or gone. I hadn’t known that psychological symptoms also accompanied Celiac Disease. And because I’d never complained about abdominal bloating, discomfort or diarrhea, the doctors had never tested me for Celiac.

I do feel better now, I’m sleeping better, I don’t have panic attacks. But I do struggle with the limitations of the disease. The social repercussions of not being able to eat what I used to, not being able to eat the birthday cake for a coworkers birthday or pizza and beer with a friend are hard for me. I miss the foods I loved and the convenience of being able to eat whatever was available. But if my now 5 year old can do it with such a positive attitude, I know I can do it.

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