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Be persistent and a diagnosis will follow.


Lily, Age 4

“I still remember the fear and helplessness I felt when no one was able to figure out what was wrong with my daughter. Lily was just a year old. Healthy children that age are filled with boundless energy and light. But my sweet girl was simply fading away. We’d noticed a gradual decline in her mood, mobility and weight in the six weeks leading up to her first birthday. She was constipated, vomiting, wouldn’t walk, and heartbreakingly, wouldn’t smile. She wasn’t the same child at all. And no one knew what was wrong.

— Lily

Being a Celiac from such a young age

We’d taken her to our family doctor twice, and to the children’s hospital three times where she endured a battery of tests. As you can imagine, we were absolutely desperate to make our sweet little girl feel better—but nothing was working. Each time we were sent home with laxatives and a diagnosis of severe constipation. I told anyone that would listen that my own father is living with Celiac disease, and that I wondered if that’s what was causing Lily’s issues—and every time we were reassured that her symptoms were not consistent with Celiac disease. But they were wrong. On our fourth visit to the hospital we demanded the blood test for celiac disease. Lily’s numbers came back sky high.

Just two days after being put on a strict gluten-free diet and a multivitamin she will take for the rest of her life, we had our baby back—she was dancing, giggling and all smiles. A year later, she is now healthy and thriving. I have my sweet girl back. Please help me make sure that no one ever has to suffer the way that she did.”

– Lily’s mom, Jennifer.

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